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What is Cloudcoin?

Cloudcoin is a new alternate exchange currency with proof-of-stake and proof of work scheme.

Cloudcoin was created to be the median of all coins in the crypto exchange world. It is simple, easy and energy efficient. It is meant to be a costumer and exchange friendly coin with the benefits of it’s optimized specifications. The proof-of-stake scheme makes the coin and the transactions safe, secure and long living. Stake also helps the coin to achieve a leading role in the future of the crypto currency coins, since it is using proof-of-stake not proof-of-work like other coins.

Our dev team is working on the final touches of the coin which will be released within weeks. They are also working on the official website which will be released with the coin and will give a simple user friendly interface for the miners, customers and supporters. The team is also working on the development of additional sites that will support cloudcoin. We would like to aim the business and consumer sector with this coin.

Release date: August 27th, 2013


  • PoW+PoS
  • total number is 0.1 billion
  • 60 seconds per block
  • PoW block:
  • normal reward of PoW block is 50 coins
  • daily 1440 blocks with 1 88*50 coins super blocks, 3 18*50 coins super blocks, 10 8*50 coins superblocks, others are normal blocks
  • daily generation: 82400 coins
  • block reward halves every 1036800 blocks (2 year)
  • diff retarget every block
  • start diff is 0.1
  • transcation need 3 confirm, mine need 30 confirm
  • min coin age is 7 days, max coin age is 30 days
  • transcation comment
  • min transaction fee is 0.00001 coin
  • P2P Port:12344, RPCPort:12345