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What is Chococoin?

Chococoin is the most delicious currency in the crypto world. Get ready to fill your wallet, your computer and your life with never ending crypto flavor.

Why Chococoin?

In the cryptocurrencies market there are a lot of Alt-coins trying to compete with bitcoin without really offer great changes to what the bitcoin already offers. They are clones that modify a couple of parameters and the logo, to futilely seeking dethrone the bitcoin.

The Chococoin is a cryptocurrency not intended to be differentiated from bitcoin but from the rest of the Alt-coin. The purpose of the CCC is to help the bitcoin to reach a much wider audience to enable it to increase its value. The target audience of the CCC is the Latin American market, as well as young audiences, which are virtually untapped markets where bitcoin has not penetrated.

We intend that the chococoin be a cryptocurrency with a friendly environment that encourages learning and using bitcoin. We will use simple services easy to use for anyone.

The chococoin offers an educational element but not so much difference with bitcoin, obviously the price will be the biggest difference. This makes it much more accessible to the market you are targeting. We know that people tend to change their alt-coin for bitcoins and that’s how we will penetrate markets such as the Venezuelan.

Children represent the future users of bitcoin, and they will be responsible of take care of it and make it better. The chococoin allows introducing children and adolescents in the world of cryptocurrencies without the pressure and the risk that these entail. For them we design a cryptocurrency with a playful environment where children can play safely and trading chocolates among themselves.

Release date: January 20th, 2014


  • SHA256 Proof Of Work
  • Total number of coins: 21M
  • 100 coins per block, halving every two years
  • 10 minutes block target
  • RPC Port: 7777
  • P2P Port: 5555