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What is Cataloniacoin?

Cataloniacoin is a professional & transparent decentralized cryptocurrency · Designed to address several of the weaknesses of Bitcoin & Litecoin.

Bitcoin has shown us that we can use a currency not created by states or banks so Catalonia people deserve their own cryptocurrency.
Using Cataloniacoin is a way to get freedom and have 100% control over your money.

Community: Cataloniacoin was planned and designed for over a month before launch.

Transparency: The pre-mine of CataloniaCoin is publicly posted and is used to improve the long-term success. Code totally available on Github

Release date: March 16th, 2014


  • Proof of Work Algorithm: Scrypt Adaptive N
  • Total Coins: 15.110.000 CATc
  • Premine:49,9%( 7.539.890 CATc)
  • IPO: 0.2%(15.110 CATc) - For Promotions, Bounties, Giveaways...
  • Difficulty adjustment: Every block (KGW)
  • Reward Halving: Every 1 year