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What is Coin2?

Coin2, C2 – a ‘forward thinking’ fork of Litecoin which uses scrypt as a proof of work scheme and is intended for bartering of goods and services. This coin was fully minted within hours of mining the genesis block. 97.5% of the coin will be distributed (given away) to the first 1000 people with a wallet. This will encourage usage of crypto currency among people without the means to mine or technical “know how” and encourage development of crypto currency in the marketplace beyond mining.

Release date: March 13th, 2014


  • Fully Minted within hours of creating the Genesis Block
  • 97.5% of the coin was given away to the first 1000 people with a wallet.
  • Each of the 1000 initial people received 48,750 coins.
  • 50,000,000 total coins.
  • Subsidy(reward) will change to 0 coin after the first 50,000,000 coins. The network will stay alive to process transactions and 0.01C2 transaction fees will be the reward for miners on the network.
  • The remaining 2.5% of Coin2 will be used for marketing and future projects (i.e. QR code debit card and merchant services). These coins will be sold