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What is CryptoBuck?

The CryptoBuck Team is proud to announce version 1.0.0 is going Live on the Last Minute of Labor Day!
This moment was chosen to represent the economic and social contributions of all the crypto workers. We will continue to support the Crypto Community
by joining a Rock Solid Team which uses CryptoBuck Currency. This marks the beginning of a new link, between Team CryptoBuck and You.
Download and Install this QT Wallet and it will turn into a Reward called BUK’s. And also remember:
CryptoBuck is “Valued More than a coin!”

Release date: August 31st, 2013


  • Wallet Prefix = 3
  • Max coin cap = 10,000,000 @ 3 Minute Blocks
  • POW/POS Advanced Scrypt Algorithm Hybrid Block Generator
  • Default RPC Port=13888
  • Default P2P Port=12888
  • Difficulty Adjustment = Linear (per block)
  • Transaction Messaging
  • Seed Node / addnode  =
  • Proxy TOR hidden services
  • UPNP  and  IRC
  • SSL JSON RPC Connections