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What is Bountycoin?

We all know that currently there are a lot of Scrypt coins, whether Scrypt-salsa, or Scrypt-jane. It almost seems no one is paying attention to the “foundation” SHA256 coin anymore. (Of course, except Bitcoin itself)

People may say that’s because the raising of ASICs, any new SHA256 coin, which doesn’t not have enough networking hashrate, can be easily 51%ed. Thanks to the invention of Proof of Stake, that it not true anymore.

Bountycoin brings popular cryptocoin techinques to the SHA256 world!

Release date: September 1st, 2013


  • Proof of work + Proof of stake with 5% POS interest, keep your wallet open to claim this interest
  • Good old SHA256d algorithm compatiable with CPU, GPU, FPGA and ASIC
  • Transacation Comment  like CosmosCoin and FlorinCoin
  • 0.0001 transaction fee  a small fee to pay  miners will still have incomes after all coin has been mined
  • 60 seconds block time  minimize orphans
  • Trade confirm: 3, Mine confirm: 30  fast transcation
  • 5 coins per block
  • Day generation: 7200 coins or 1440 blocks, stable reward after 5 days of launch
  • Total number of coins 1500000000 (1.5 billion) enough to mine over 570 years
  • Diff re-targets every block  no more afraid of coin-hoppers
  • 0.5% premined for bounties
  • Connection Port: 8512
  • RPC Port:18512