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What is Dobbscoin?

The Currency of the Econocolypse! Driven to the brink of sanity by theConspiracy’s false reality and the pressure of a crumbling world?? Do you feel like there’s just no Slack? Do you want something for nothing?. Then this may just be for you. WE ARE THE CHOSEN! Everyone is born with Original Slack — but TheConspiracy has most of it now. They don’t even know what it is, but that hasn’t stopped Them from siphoning off what little you have left. “Bob” is breeding new “humans” that are more like the oldest breed — humans with instincts. Will you join TheConspiracy’s mindless atheistic unknowing servitude to the “Elder Bankers of the Universe”, and their MINIONS in some hideous One-World Government, or will you GET SLACK and FIGHT FOR FREEDOM as a zeal-crazed Priest-Warrior for ODIN?!! ETERNAL SALVATION — OR TRIPLE YOUR MONEY BACK

Release date: January 9th, 2014


  • SubGenius BitCoin SCRYPT Clone with larger rewards.
  • 600 Second Blocks (10 Minutes)
  • 50 BOBS Per Block!
  • Block halving rate 210000 (Every 4Years)
  • Maximum coins: 21000000 (21 Mil)