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What is Bonuscoin?

Bonuses help the coin become fun bringing in early adopters and creating interest in the coin.  This will help with adoption and usage. The ultimate goal of bonus coin is to bring a highly usable coin that brings in both new and old crypto-currency adopters.

Release date: April 25th, 2014


  • Algorithm: SHA256 - Proof of Work
  • Block Target: 2 Minutes
  • Block Reward: 2300 BNS + Bonuses (see below)
  • 25% early adopter bonus drops to regular reward at block 50,000
  • After early adopter blocks, reward halves every 300,000 blocks
  • Solid Difficulty Readjustment
  • Total Coin Supply: 2.5 billion approximately
  • Block reward minimum 10 BNS after all halving completed (inflationary) ~10,000,000 per year
  • ALL transaction fees destroyed to offset any inflation
  • Bonus Rewards and Super Blocks
  • ASIC Compatible
  • 1% premine for Bounties, faucets, games,exchange listings, general marketing, etc.
  • KGW implemented after 2880 Blocks
  • First 2880 blocks are a custom smoothing difficulty algorithm to keep launch fair.