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What is BeaoCoin?

BeaoCoin is “Valued More than a coin!”

The first 200 blocks of the chain have been setup to only produce 1 BEC each.  These 200 blocks were put in place to allow all miners a chance to get their Rigs running.
Blocks 201 through 86400 will reward your pocket by 4 BEC’s.  This is the highest of the rewards ever given out.  Early adopters will benefit greatly.
When two months,from block 86401,each block reward your pocket by 2 BEC’s.
total 20,000,000 (10M) Cap on BEC’s production.

Release date: September 24th, 2013


  • Max coin cap = 20,000,000 @ 1 Minute Blocks
  • Default RPC Port=30001
  • Default P2P Port=40000
  • Difficulty Adjustment = Linear (per 10 block)
  • Seed Node / addnode  =
  • Seed Node / addnode  =
  • Proxy TOR hidden services
  • UPNP  and  IRC
  • SSL JSON RPC Connections