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What is Battlecoin?

It was a warm sunny summer afternoon. We were sitting at our desks looking out of our 6th floor office space daydreaming of a better life and better furniture in a 7th floor office space. We headed off to our daily office meeting and one of my colleagues mentioned Bitcoin and how it was the future. My ears perked up my eyes got wide and I started to sweat. (well that might have been due to the broken A.C.) So after lunch , I started frantically researching this new phenomenon.

It was amazing.  I kicked back in my squeaky office chair daydreaming of this bitcoin… But soon My dreams quickly deflated at the difficulty it took to obtain this thing this Golden Dragon they called Bitcoin. So I looked around and thought to myself there has to be another solution… Eureka I found it ! I stumbled across this brand new land in space . It was like a brand new meadow sprouting wildflowers. New bees buzzing around . But what was all of this buzzing about ? ALt Coins one said.. I said ;Alt coins? I said great what is it? And at that very moment I saw on the horizon a silver coated dragon. They called it Litecoin…. Well Litecoin seemed to be the solution to my 6th story problems. all the sudden, then came its cousin Feathercoin across the horizon…. then the sky started to turn black with all of these alt coin dragons .. eventually there were so many no one could find their way across the meadow anymore.. Just when I thought all was lost. I hear a loud blast of trumpets and see a white horse charging across the meadow. A lone warrior that has been sent to save us a Knight in shining armor They call him BCX.  BCX is a warrior from a land far away sent to slay these dragons and restore order to the land . The battlefield lay littered with dead and dying dragons. He postures up on his faithful steed, , raises his sword to take another slice at one more dragon. Our warrior is outnumbered. The dragons keep coming he needs YOUR HELP.. It is now your turn. Pick up your sword,; put on your armor; march into battle and help us save the land from total destruction. The Time has come.

Release date: January 10th, 2014


  • SHA-256 pow/pos
  • 100 Million coins total
  • 3% premine
  • 2% early adopters bonus
  • 50 coins a block
  • 1% stake every 10 days with 20 days maturity
The premine  is not for my personal pocket like everyone likes to scream when they see premine. The premine in question is a necessity for our concept. Not only is it for Bounties and Giveaways But later it will be used to fund the “arena” when it is finished being built. The other 2% VIP premine is for people that Invested money in our concept, Beta testers , and people that provided or will provide services for us. We didn’t forget about the early warriors! There will be a 5000 block 500 coins per block early Warrior Bonus for all of the people who like our concept and want to contribute to the network and test the Arena after it gets built. we are releasing with an elevated difficulty to prevent ASIC “insta-mine.”