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What is BatCoin?

A scrypt PoW currency driven by simplicity and designed to accommodate the needs of the growing community.
BatCoin is fun, rewarding and its damn right the future!

BatCoin is driven by a strong community. This promises the success of the coin over time.

BatCoin is lucky to be backed up with an army of dedicated developers contributing and protecting non-stop.

Coins mined by or donated to the devs are given back to the community via rewards and promotion.

Release date: January 10th, 2014


  • Difficulty retarget time is 1 hour
  • 90 seconds block time
  • 60,000 BAT's per block
  • 6 confirmations for transaction
  • 70 confirmations for mined blocks
  • Total of 91,000,000,000 BAT's ( which is the estimated Bruce Wayne's fortune as of 2013,God, thats one rich ass BAT)
  • 6 Guano blocks a day will deliver X4 more coins, and a super Guano block X10 coins every 4 days.
  • Special reward on block 1337 as a tribute to my l33t hacker nemesis - The Calculator
  • Guano is Bat Shit
  • 2% permine