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What is Arkhash?

Arkhash is the product of a group of individuals who have come together to introduce divergent ideologies into everyday living and promote viable yet lesser known alternative technologies.

Dark City Radio is the world’s first and only free, open, uncensored and fully non-corporate radio stream; where divergent thinkers can share their ideas and put them into practice. We are great supporters and promoters of free and open source software and we are also opening a compassion club in Spain to help research and promote the medicinal uses of cannabis.

The Arkhash logo embeds several layers of meaning. Its seven segments represent not only the number of letters in its name but the 7th ray of love and the 7 leaves on the cannabis plant. The Ark of Arkhash derives from D’Ark City and if you look closely enough you may spot the seven broadcasting towers within its logo – the Ark of the Covenant supposedly being a free energy device that allowed those who had access to it to communicate with the gods. The name was chosen for several reasons including its similarity to Akashic (as in the Akashic records), it incorporates hash which relates to both cryptocurreny mining and cannabis and last but not least it sounds like “our cash” which is very apt as it’s a currency by the people, for the people.

Release date: March 16th, 2014


  • Algorithm SHA 256
  • Number of coins 22 222 222
  • Block time 660
  • Difficultly 1.0
  • Block reward 101
  • No. Premined 224
  • Port No 2980