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What is AphroditeCoin?

Aphroditecoin is a cryptocurrency for Cyprus. Cyprus is a small island in the east Mediterranean Sea. In the beginning of 2013, their economy collapsed and the state came close to bankruptcy. The small country needed help from the European Government and the European Central Bank. Unfortunately the EU only wanted to help Cyprus when 10% of the Cypriot bank savings were dispossessed. That was in fact a deep impact on the economy and especially on the people in Cyprus. Due to the fact of having less money to spend, domestic economy collapsed even more, followed by redundancies. Nowadays Cyprus is not being the same as before. Cypriots suffer from the European Union punishment.

We were inspired by auroracoin, which is helping Iceland to get back on their feet. We hope that we can get the same success like auroracoin to help Cyprus, to maintain the living standard on the little island in the Mediterranean Sea and even to create higher levels of wealth. We think Cyprus is more in need than Iceland to get some help.
We decided to do a premine about 75% of Aphroditecoin to have the best control over the cryptopcurrency and its value. We also chose 75% of premine because we want to provide the Cypriots a stable currency to achieve the best level of help we can make. The premined coins will be distributed to the entire population of Cyprus, commencing on midnight 21st of April 2014. About 885,000 Cypriots will be made able to claim 25.4 Aphroditecoins each over the following year. After getting aphroditecoin the Cypriots shall pay with this cryptocurrency to prompt economy. The idea is that the economy will recover from its shock in spring 2013 and the Cypriots will get back their jobs and can come back to their normal lives.

Release date: March 12th, 2014


  • Block reward: 10 Coins
  • Block time: 5 minutes
  • Retarget: KGW
  • Block halving: No
  • Max supply: 30 million
  • Available coins to mine: 7.5 million