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What is AIRcoin?

AIRcoin is a cryptocurrency that uses an investing pool combined with automatic trading algorithms to create a rising exchange rate, no inflation, eliminate transaction fees entirely, and regulate the price in the short-term. The block reward is based off of the exchange rate as well, and will be increased or decreased to counteract changes in price.

The intent of this coin is to serve as an example to Financial Institutions, as well as the Cryptocurrency world in general, as an economically viable solution to the numerous problems with Bitcoin as a means of transaction.

Denoted as AIR, AIRcoin, or /A, it is a major economic advancement, avoiding all of the hyperinflation of recent coins, while providing exceptional service and constant, vigilant management from the AIRcoin development team.

Release date: February 20th, 2014


  • 2 Minute Block Target
  • Kimoto Gravity Well Difficulty Retarget
  • Subsidy Halves ~ 5 years (future versions may increase this time)
  • 0.25% Premined Amount
  • 3.72 Block Reward (at launch, once exchange redundancy is achieved, block reward will dynamically adjust based on average exchange rates and growth of the Investing Pool)
  • 1 Billion Total Coins (future versions may increase this upper limit)
  • 6 Minute Confirmation Time